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Brake repair and maintenance should be taken very seriously. Our ASE Certified Technicians take pride in the high-quality brake services we provide for our customers. We execute a dependable service while providing a healthy and comfortable relationship with our customers. We know your car and safety is important and promise to care for you just as we would our own families. If you are in need of a brake service,  give us a call or stop by the shop to set up an appointment today!

How to Know If Your Brakes Need Service

There are several warning signs that your vehicle may be in need of immediate brake repair.  It’s important to be attentive to not only how your brakes sound, but also how they feel to avoid a potentially life-threatening accident. Here are some of the warning signs; Squealing, vibrations, grinding noise, spongy pedal, the vehicle feels like it's pulling left or right when brakes are applied, or even a burning smell. Brake failure is an extremely dangerous reality to face if you ignore these warnings. 


We’re here to help

Did you know that with every service performed our ASE Certified Technicians road test your vehicle to inspect for potential issues you may not be aware of? We also perform a free multi point inspection that includes a visual brake inspection and if our Technicians see an issue, you will be contacted right away for authorization to pull the wheels for a full brake inspection that includes measuring the brake pads remaining life, examining the rotor surface to defects and high spots as well as a caliper inspection to ensure the slides and piston are moving freely to avoid premature brake pad wear and the wheels locking up. 


How Long Should My Brakes Last?

Honestly, it’s hard to say. Depending on your vehicle type and driving habits, your brakes can last anywhere from 25,000-70,000 miles. This is a huge range, we know, but here are some conditions that cause premature brake replacement; 

Lack of driving: that’s right, most people’s mind set is the less you drive the vehicle the longer it will last, but that’s actually one of the worst things you can do to a vehicle. When a vehicle sits, just like the human body things begin to tense up and not move so well. Caliper slides and pistons will start to seize up and can cause the wheel to lock up, brake pad backings will start to rust and crack the brake pads, rotors will start to rust and build up high spots that will cause shaking when brakes are applied or even horrible grinding noises. It’s important to drive your vehicle at least a few miles every few days and have regular inspections. 

Cheap Brake Parts: We understand during these times money is not easy to come by, but cutting cost on brakes is not the savings you want. Have you heard the saying “Cheaper for a reason”? It means exactly what it says, using cheap brake parts means they are made cheaper to be sold cheaper, this will cause pad life to wear out faster and rotors to be too thin which causes rotor warping that will cause the vehicle to shake violently when brakes are applied. When paying a repair facility an hourly rate, you want to make sure you are using the best quality parts possible because you don’t want to keep coming back to replace the same parts over and over again, that’s why at The Quiet Zone, we use the best quality brake pads available including E-Coated rotors which are thicker and coated to help resist rapid rusting and rotor warping.  


Brake Fluid: Yes, that right! Just like engine oil or transmission fluid, your vehicle also has brake fluid and it needs to be serviced on a regular maintenance schedule. Brake fluid is a magnet for moisture, over time the brake fluid starts to break down and the “boiling point” lowers in the fluid and causes moisture to build up. As moisture builds up over time in the braking system, the moisture will start to rot the brake lines and components from the inside out costing you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs.

How to Know If Your Brakes

Need Service

Believe it or not, when people think about basic car maintenance, brake systems can often be overlooked. With the right type of service and inspection, brakes can often go a long time without needing attention, and it goes without saying that they are likely the most crucial safety component of a vehicle. When you think about it, brakes are an incredible marvel; being able to stop thousands of pounds with the mere press of a foot. We service all makes and models, and perform any repair, no matter how large or small. How do you know your brakes might need to be serviced? This is a frequently asked question, and a few common indicators include: hearing noises that you otherwise haven’t in the past (grinding or squealing most typically), unusual vibrations when brakes are applied, a burning smell, soft or spongy brake pedal feel, and perhaps most obviously the brake light itself coming on under normal driving conditions. Bring your car into our Bantam location at 738 Bantam Rd. for a service or an inspection today.

Not All Technicians Are Created Equal

When it comes to a repair job as important as brakes, you shouldn’t just trust your vehicle with anyone. Not every repair shop takes the time and makes the effort to put our heart and soul into every customer’s vehicle we service. We are an exception and we hire only the most qualified and professional technicians here at the Quiet Zone. Our location at 738 Bantam is no exception. We love keeping our clients safe by ensuring brakes systems are fully functional. From disc brakes to drum, parking brakes and anti-lock brake systems, we know it all. Should you upgrade to slotted or drilled rotors? Do I even need new rotors? Are ceramic pads worth the extra money? We have all the answers! We may have done so many brake repairs that we have lost count, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t use the same care and attention to detail as we have previously. Our expertise gets you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

Yes, We Can!

Here at the Quiet Zone Bantam, we know that just like technicians, not all makes and models are created equal. German cars such as BMW, Audi, MINI, and Mercedes have very different braking requirements than, for example, Japanese cars like Toyotas, Hondas, Lexus, and Mazdas. We only use the highest quality of replacement brake parts on our customer’s cars, from the pads and rotors to the calipers and caliper pins. Need your brake fluids flushed or bled? We’ll get it done. Have a general concern about a noise, smell, or behavior? We’d love to take a look, repair as necessary, and put that confidence back in your right foot.

Quiet Zone,

we are the brake professionals

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