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Check Engine Light Diagnosis

in Torrington, CT

Professional Tools and Certified Technicians

Is your check engine light on?

There are many names for this light, Check Engine, CEL, MIL Light, Service Engine Soon Light, or sometimes Emissions Light, and they all look different depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Regardless of the name you use, or which one your car has, they all come on for the same reason; there is failure in your vehicles operating system / emission system. Some failures are less severe and may still allow you to drive the vehicle as normal, others may cause the vehicle to run very rough and damage other components in the system if the vehicle is not shut down, some causes may restrict the vehicle from driving at all putting the system into what’s called limp mode. On occasion your check engine light may flash, when this happens it is always best to pull over and shut the engine down as soon as possible and contact your local Quiet Zone. When this light begins to flash, it is warning you that the engine is not running properly and will cause further damage to other components if you continue to drive. The light doesn’t always flash when damage may occur so if your check engine light comes on, it’s always best to bring the vehicle to the repair facility and have it checked before you continue to drive. Contact your local Quiet Zone today to set up an appointment. 

Does the code tell you what’s wrong?

This one is tricky! Yes, the code tells you the area of the failure, ie; fuel system, evaporative system, catalyst system. However, it does not tell you exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle. For example: let’s say you have your vehicles check engine light scanned and there is a code for the Oxygen Sensor. Most people would assume you need a new oxygen sensor, sounds logical right? Wrong. The code doesn’t always tell you which one is malfunctioning, some cars have 4 sensors. The code also doesn’t tell you if the wire for the sensor is broken causing it not to read. Long story short, don’t assume that you have a bad part; diagnostics now could save you hundreds later. The Quiet Zone is equipped with ASE Certified Technicians who have the latest scan tools technology has to offer in order to diagnose and repair the issue right the first time! 

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